Friday, April 18, 2008

Convention 2008

Hey Elaine This is for you . I forgot how to post AGAIN!!! Thanks to Trudi I am up and running again. So over the next few days or weeks I will post some of the swaps I got from some amazing people .I meet two of my blog idols Marelle Taylor and Alisa Turner .Sorry if the spelling is wrong. I had to get there photos to prove I had meet them . I also saw but wasn,t lucky enough to meet Jayne Mercer. Such talented ladies! I meet some awesome women and a gentleman Martin Munroe ( awesome dude) .Martin sold 40K this past year, I Take my hat off to him! These people had two things in common .1 they were so friendly 2 they were so humble .O yeah they all love stampin' up!.
We heard some awesome speakers and came home all inspired.I am going to conference next year and plan on taking as many as my downline as possible ( Judy this means you!!!!!!!!).
So anyway I ramble on I will start posting photos tomorrow.

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