Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tyla and Olivia's album

I promised you quite a while ago that I would show you the finished albums that I made for Eloise's friends "the Twins" as she calls's the first few pages check back again in a day or two and I will post the rest. Oh and for the ladies who ask their Mummy Loved them!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flying High

Today's the day!
I am just waiting for my mummy to Pick me up in a few minutes so I thought I'd say goodbye to you all .
Malcolm and I are off to Aussie.I am attending a convention for Stampin' Up! on Friday and Saturday in Canberra. So Malcolm though he'd come to.
We are going to stay for a few days with his brother and then we are off to the gold coast. Note for those who know the Finers Craig is Mal's brother by choice not biological.This is Mal's first overseas holiday so its going to be really exciting.
I have set my blog to blog all by it's self so keep looking here I have so neat stuff to show you.
Looking forward to showing you heaps of neat stuff when I get back!

Friday, April 24, 2009

$3 Day Sneek peek

Here is a sneak peak of some of the cards we are making on Sunday I have two more to choose from as well as leftovers from last time for a couple of ladies who couldn't make it .
I especially like the flower pot one it pulls up and has a message inside .I intend to post one to my most wonderful Nana .I gave her one for Easter now all her visitors are forced to look at it bless her.
If you want to make some of these call in anytime between 2pm and 9pm ( yes i will turn the telly on for Greys) $3 per card make as many or as few as you like.

Skulls for convention

This is what fifty skulls look like . I have made these to go on my swap cards for convention ( five sleeps till i fly out).

I am looking forward to receiving fifty awesome cards made by some wonderful ladies next Friday ,I will share them with you over the coming weeks .

If you want to play with the just jawing set come along on Sunday to my $3 day and you can make one of my swap cards for yourself .

(think teen girl birthday )

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank Goodness for my little Malcy!!

For those of you that Know My husband his mummy and sisters call him Little Malcy cos he's Big ... When I met him he called himself Mal OK that's fine I will call you that if that's what you want . My dad had other ideas ..."His name is Malcolm you should call him that !!!" Sorry Dad that's the kettle calling the pot BLACK ,you call my cousin who is a girl with a very girly name Jack so whats the diff! Anyway after about a month of seeing Mal his mum and sister's keep referring to him as little Malcy so Codi called him Daddy Malcy and I just call him Malcy except when he's in trouble then its MALCOLM!
Anyway If your on my emailing list you should have had a email this afternoon saying my computer was being Naughty and malcy had to fix it .Thank goodness he could we have enough broken things around here( dishwasher died And our main t.v died and I got a ticket for no rego ) Here is my little Malcy when he was skinny and I was even skinner aren't we pretty . I can't believe we have been Married for six years already. I whipped these up this arvo using one of our new scrapbooking kits called sweet nothings
I am not usually good at simple but I love this page and guess what its not even cased!!!! gotta be a first!
Anyway friday the 16th ( tomorrow ) at seven pm we will be scrapbooking at my place .I will have heaps of single sheets of dsp on my sale table left over from last catty if you want a page or two pop on over.
Plus I have new papers oh and all I ca say is raspberry tart oh la la !!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birthday Party presents for Eloise's friends

Eloise has a Birthday Party two go to on Saturday for her little friends Tyla and Olivia so on Monday I decided to make a couple of mini albums .... well that was a great Idea I wish i had allowed myself some more time to do it though!!!!!!!! Never mind I have Scrapbook class here tomorrow so in between running around after my ladies I will finish them .
I will take more photos tomorrow after i complete the last few pages and post them on the weekend.

If scrapbooking is something you'd like to try but a 12 by 12 album seems a bit daunting try a wee album like this or a 6 by 6 album . Come along to class and give one page ago .Its great fun and very rewarding.
class this Friday 7pm