Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank Goodness for my little Malcy!!

For those of you that Know My husband his mummy and sisters call him Little Malcy cos he's Big ... When I met him he called himself Mal OK that's fine I will call you that if that's what you want . My dad had other ideas ..."His name is Malcolm you should call him that !!!" Sorry Dad that's the kettle calling the pot BLACK ,you call my cousin who is a girl with a very girly name Jack so whats the diff! Anyway after about a month of seeing Mal his mum and sister's keep referring to him as little Malcy so Codi called him Daddy Malcy and I just call him Malcy except when he's in trouble then its MALCOLM!
Anyway If your on my emailing list you should have had a email this afternoon saying my computer was being Naughty and malcy had to fix it .Thank goodness he could we have enough broken things around here( dishwasher died And our main t.v died and I got a ticket for no rego ) Here is my little Malcy when he was skinny and I was even skinner aren't we pretty . I can't believe we have been Married for six years already. I whipped these up this arvo using one of our new scrapbooking kits called sweet nothings
I am not usually good at simple but I love this page and guess what its not even cased!!!! gotta be a first!
Anyway friday the 16th ( tomorrow ) at seven pm we will be scrapbooking at my place .I will have heaps of single sheets of dsp on my sale table left over from last catty if you want a page or two pop on over.
Plus I have new papers oh and all I ca say is raspberry tart oh la la !!!!

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