Thursday, May 8, 2008

Disaster Strikes!!

Oh boy I have had a really heart breaking time!
My Stamp house Flooded in was at least an inch deep in WATER!
( paper and water don't mix) .
My Father in law and my husband did their best to help but I still lost a ton of stuff and alot of the paint peeled off the floor .
There was a lot of little damage but nothing I couldn't live with Except I lost all of my 12 by 12 designer paper, my simply scappin kits and my 12 by 12 cardstock plus a couple of finished pages including my favourite photo of Loggie bear.
I was so upset ( still am ) The worst part being the kits and the dsp were mostly retired stuff which i can't replace.
SO in the mean time I have not felt like even going into my stamp house let alone stampin or talking to my customers ( sorry ) I just was to sad.
However life moves on and if I want to get on stage again next year I have to pick myself up and get on with it .
so the 14th and the 20th are my class date $12 bring a matte finishblack and white photo also a clean label free spagetti can!
$3 Day is sunday the 25th 1pm till 9pm ( tv goes on at 8.30 for Greys anatamy)
I have a bunch of new sets so this will be a great time to come as all the cards are fresh and exciting email me for details

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Kim said...

Sorry to hear about your stamp house, but glad to see your up and blogging again. Looking forward to seeing some more of your wonderful creations.Kim.