Friday, September 19, 2008


Hi Ladies ,
It has been pointed out to me that I win wally of the week .I posted my class list for the month and left off the $3 day date Woops!!
So Here goes again!! Monday the 22nd ( The shoe ,The slide card and the bag in a box class) Still has spaces avalible .
Scrapbook Wallet ( awesome gift for christmas) September the 26th 7pm (Friday) and Saturday the 4th of October 1pm .
$3 Day 28th of September From 1pm till 9pm There will be Six new designs to choose from .
Don't Forget the free wheeling special finishes on the 30th of September.
Feel free to call me anytime 06 7584154,
Take care Megan


Judy said...

Megan you don't know me but I have enjoyed reading your blog and have tagged you. Please check my blog -


Trudi said...

Hey Megan
You've been tagged!!