Monday, December 1, 2008

My Stampin' Up! Tree

Do you Like my Tree ? Yes It is upside down and growing out of my ceiling (to cover up Malcolms holes!!)
If you would like to make the Decorations drop me a line or 06 7584154

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scrappinsarah said...

Hi! I tried to email you at the email on this thread but it returned immediately (maybe I did something wrong) I found your blog via splitcoast (the ocean commotion thread-LOVE that seaweed! and how you used it with the owl) Anyway I'd love the info on how to make the ornaments adorning your upside down Christmas tree. I was also wondering if you have a tutorial on how to make the awesome foldout/pullout boxes here: I know it was a class so if you're charging for a tutorial I completely understand. You can email me at - Thanks! Have a great day!