Thursday, February 26, 2009

The cutest card I have made!

I cased the Idea for this card from Kevin Theesan who was the first male demo ever. He's been a top demo in the states for 13 years.I discovered him last night as I was "surfin" . My friend Diane is hosting a workshop on Saturday and she mentioned a baby card could be good SO here's what we are making (there will be boy colours available too).We are also making an Easter card . Like it? Want to make it too? If you know Diane call her and invite yourself on Saturday , Otherwise the 29th of march is my $3 day we will make it there as well simply cos I like it! and I make the RULES!!!!!


Keryn Campbell said...

That has got to be the cutest card ever.

angelacorbett said...

Sooo Cute! definately the cutest card ever. Could you post a link to Kevins website. I would love to check out what a male demo would do.