Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Miss Luann Look at me!!!

My wee poppet got her Glasses Yesterday we got 2 pairs shipped from Ausspecs just as well because she already has destroyed one pair !! She took them off and stood on them bent the frame and stripped the thread on the thingy that holds the len's in Little rat!
We are getting a lot of looks over the top of her glasses it really is funny she looks like a little old lady peering over the top.
Hopefully she will adjust to them by the time she starts school in July.
Note for Miss luann from Eloise "I am going to mont vill age school in uly" translate that to Eloise is going to Egmont Village Primary school in July.
( across the road from the cafe the McElduffs used to have Sunday brunch at).


Michelle said...

Gorgeous!! What a beautiful little girl. Riley would just love her!

Luann said...

I love those glasses...LOVE THEM! So cute. I remember seeing that school....good for Eloise. Such a big girl.

Maddie says to tell you all "hello". She is busy getting ready to ride in the Pin Oak Horse Show. Very fancy and uptown...hope she does ok. We are heading into Spring Break starting on Friday. Mr. Bill is out in the Gulf of Mexico but should be back home in the next few days.

More are something!