Monday, May 4, 2009

HI to my downline and customers

I promised Judy I would blog about my time at convention. Right Now I am in Jindabyne at Cris and Craig's and as Eloise would say coldy coldy . Today we went to Craig's work up the mountain ,It is beautiful .I got some beautiful photos of mal all covered in snow.
Yesterday was spent shopping.
Ok so here's what you really want to know!!!
I earned 5 stamp sets in awards . I got awards for sales , recruiting and leadership. I received a Tiffany bracelet for 3rd place recruiting in New Zealand.
I was awarded 4Th place Demonstrator of the year. I will let the other three ladies ahead of me share their exciting news themselves before I do.
Convention next year is in Sydney. I have more news which I will save for later as I am so tired I am almost asleep and keep typing multiply times before i spell it right .
I will update again before Thursday so keep checking back.

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Jenny said...

Congratulations Megan - you truly deserve it :)