Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm still alive

Hi there it's been way to long since i blogged but hey I'm not going to make excuses I simply haven't made time for it .

I'm thinking i am going to start blogging more often and changing it from mostly my stamping life to mostly my crafting life and a wee bit of my family as well.

So an update

Sheldon is 7 months old and trying hard to learn to crawl he has amuse himself for 30minutes today with a bucket .He has 6 teeth with more coming and he does not know the meaning of sleep.

Eloise has grown like a jack rabbit and no longer looks like a little girl more like a big girl.
she is having a interesting phase as she is discovering herself ( heres hoping it stops soon) she has the biggest heart of gold and is very generous .She is a wonderful big sister to sheldon she loves him to pieces ( read like a toddler with a kitten) she is super excited to be going to the beach with the cousins next week.

Codi my big girl is turning into a women ( i wish she wouldn't) She really is starting to become a lovely young lady . She is a great cook and the best sheldy minder ever . her sense of humor is developing which appears to have come from the finer side of the family. she has a awesome sense of style and always try's to look her best even when we just poppin out to get milk and shes staying in the car with the youngins she still requires hair brushed lip gloss and a new outfit.she is about to start her second year at high school .In 4 years she can vote how scary is that!!!

Malcy my bfg is in demolition mode he has ripped out our kitchen new one comes on the 7 th of feb in a big box labels piece a b c etc sooooo not looking forward to that day sounds like hard work to me! he is busy at work and busy at home so like Eloise he is champing at the bit to get to the beach .I hope he provides us with some fish cos as my bbf Maria would say ""i have my guts ready for it" .

And me well i am just trying to exist with little sleep trying not to blink cos my baby does things and i might miss them .I have been bitten with the quilting bug hmm not so sure that's a good thing ,I have plenty of UFOs that need finishing before i start something new but i have my name down for a term of classes anyways.
I am really enjoying my Christmas present ( sewing machine) i just wish Sheldon would sleep like my girls did for at least one hour at a time so i could have a decent amount of sewing time.

When i find my camera cord i will add some photos !
Hope you are all happy and well and crafting of some sort!

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