Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I have a new man in my life

He's lovely !! 9lb 4 ( i think) He's my new nephew .He was about 18 hours old in this photo .I had to teach him what being my nephew means ( loads of kisses) .He is called you know who at the moment ,hopefully his Mummy and Daddy will give him a name soon ,us Aunty's NEED to know .


Michelle said...

Ahhhh - how beautiful! You are sooo lucky to have a new nephew. I'd love to have a little baby to hold & cuddle & kiss (not my own of course!!)
Enjoy your new man - they grow up so fast!
Congrats to Viv & Graham!

Trudi said...

BIG CONGRATS to Vivian and Graham. Viv must be glad he's finally out!
See you tomorrow.