Saturday, January 24, 2009

$3 Day tomorrow (Sunday)

Its $3 Day tomorrow and I was stuck for Ideas so strangely enough I found myself looking at spiltcoast stampers .I found loads of cool cards ..This is a combo of several peoples cards .I think its kinda nice if you like it pop on over tomorrow open house hours 1pm till 9pm .

Oh and By the way I am Childless tonight Codi is visiting with her Daddy and my Baby is having a "Sleep Over" at Grandmum's . This is the first time she has stayed with mum so I hope she's not getting into mischief!Poor mum I think she will end up with my niece as well and that spell DOUBLE trouble ....hmmm maybe I should ring dad and offer him Eloise's bed for the night so he gets some sleep .Sorry Mum your not likely to get any!

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