Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I know I am slack!!

Here's One of the four layouts for this Fridays scrapbooking class .The layout was cased of my good friend Helen ( Thanks love) the photos are from my wedding my cousin gave me these photos and naturally he took photos of our family I'll have to look through my photos to find some of Mal's family. My dress matches the colours well!
Right now for my lame reasons for lack of blogging are Internet has been really slack it would only let me be connected for short stints of time I would log into blogger and by the time I composed my post it had crashed . Mal has downloaded a new Internet programme so fingers crossed !!!


Sharlene said...

Thanks for letting me come and scrap last night - I really enjoyed it! Now I just have to finish my pages and get some photos on them ... Sharlene


You always make scraping look easy :) lovely page megan!! hurry up $2 day heheheh