Friday, July 24, 2009

Egmont Village School's newest Little person.

Look how proud she is!

Eloise started school on Monday .
She LOVES it .
She cannot wait to get there every morning and reads her little I am books to anyone who stops still for five minutes ( she even read her book to Grandmum (my mum) and Poppy ( mal's dad) over the phone.
Big sister Codi has been great making the lunches and Cooking our tea (she is so NOT a tidy cook) .
I am starting to feel redundent .... oh well more time to teach scrapbooking and cardmaking.


Tracey Old said...

Eloise looks soooo excited, and very cute. You will miss her or not depends how busy you are stamping. lol:)


OHH she is adorable!! Its always sad when they start school but it will give you heaps more time!!!
It was good catching up today!! :)
see you on sunday!